"A totally unique and strange voice, Urbano is definitely a comic to watch out for."

- badfeelingmag

"You can see in his performance, the enormous respect he has for women."

- The Interrobang

"I can see Martin going on to a big career and certainly is one comic to watch for."

- curtainsup.tv

"Martin Urbano kept the audience on its toes with a ton of misdirection, and great dark jokes that only someone like Anthony Jeselnik might try to pull off, but Urbano is so darned likeable and accessible without a cocky character that you’ll be laughing with much less guilt about it."

- thecomicscomic.com

"He received great reviews at JFL for a hilarious bit on pedophiles."

- The Interrobang

"If you need an unfettered dose of silly (that’s kinda meant for adults), you might want to get on board with Martin Urbano."

- thecomedybureau

"His style reminds me of a cross between Demetri Martin and Emo Phillips, that unassuming guy who makes you laugh before you know it but whose jokes are so dark they’re almost offensive, but not quite."

- Forget the Box

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